Migrating Word 2004 to 2011


Migrating from Word 2004 to Word 2011: retrieving the smart bits

— Clive Huggan’s notes on
how he recovered time-savers
that weren’t in Word 2011 when he “opened the box”

Available free via the Microsoft MVP website:
and the OfficeforMacHelp.com blog:

To take advantage of features such as
hyperlinked cross-references and the “Find” command,
this document has been designed to be used as an on-screen Word file
— not as a PDF or hard-copy print-out.
It is probably best displayed at more than 100%, depending on your screen.
It contains footnotes.

Unlike the earlier editions of Bend Word to Your Will,
this document is designed to be viewed in Print Layout view, because in Word 2011 screenshots don’t show in Draft view (previously termed “Normal”view) Continue reading “Migrating Word 2004 to 2011”